Stitching in Progress

I’m actively working on these items!

  1. DT – The Marriage of Minds
  2. Blackbird Designs – ‘Tis the Season
  3. Granny Stripe Blanket – crochet
  4. Moira Blackburn – Time and Season Sampler
  5. Shakespeare’s Peddler – Jenny Bean’s Christmas Sampler
  6. Blackbird Designs – It’s Berry Time
  7. Prairie Schooler – Christmas Eve
  8. Prairie Schooler – Planting Kindness Sampler Complete 2011!
  9. Beehive Needleworks – Peacock Pin Pillow
  10. SANQ – Judah Hayle Pin Pillow
  11. Told in a Garden – Strawberries Forever
  12. Little House Needleworks – Pear Tree Ornament
  13. Little House Needleworks – Red House in Winter Ornament
  14. Plum Street Samplers – Paradise Lost
  15. Blackbird Designs – Breath of Spring

Languishing WIPs

These are projects that I have standing by in the wings and I do get to them from time to time, but not on a regular basis.

  1. Silver Creek Samplers – Holy Moses
  2. Shepherd’s Bush – She Tends (nearly finished!)
  3. La-D-Da – All Our Troubles
  4. With My Needle – A Needleworker’s Huswife
  5. Victoria Sampler – Village Christmas
  6. Long Dog Samplers – Mouline Rouge
  7. Lizzie Kate – ABC Lessons
  8. LHN  – Hearts of America
  9. Mary Busby reproduction
  10. DT – The Riddle


  1. Theresa Wentzler – English Garden Sampler
  2. Paula Vaughan – Wedding Ring Quilt

Wanna Start Bad

  1. Blackbird Designs – Strawberry Garden
  2. Drawn Thread – Random Thoughts
  3. Drawn Thread – The Sanctuary
  4. Carriage House Samplings – Village of Hawk’s Run Hollow
  5. Carriage House Samplings – Christmas as Hawk Run Hollow
  6. Carriage House Samplings – My Home Town
  7. Carriage House Samplings – The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat
  8. Little House Needleworks – From Sea to Shining Sea
  9. Drawn Thread – Tocatta One
  10. Drawn Thread – Tocatta Two
  11. Jeanette Douglas – My Stitching Treasures
  12. Drawn Thread – Wayward Garden
  13. Plum Street Samplers – Paradise Lost

Easy Knitting In Progress (Hey, I’ve just learned to knit.)

  1. Smooshy purple baby sweater (about 1/2 finished)
  2. 3rd flap hat (Mauve with purple, lime, and blue stripes)
  3. Socks!

Knitting I’ve Finished!

  1. Flap Hat (Red/Gray)
  2. Flap Hat (Lime w/ blue, purple and mauve stripes)
  3. Pink cotton baby hat
  4. Blue Berrocco Alpaca / Wool flap hat for Karan
  5. Malabrigo worsted flap hat for Jamie
  6. Noro Taiyo scarf

Knitting I Want to Start

  1. More socks!
  2. A wrap knit with Mini Mochi
  3. A fun scarf knit with more Malabrigo worsted (just added two hanks to my stash)
  4. Oh, and did I say I have a cute pattern for some simple baby hats… and socks to match?

Other odds and ends

  1. I have several samplers and other needlework pieces that need to have frames made. I have purchased and ripped some cherry, walnut, and birdseye maple which are ready to be turned into moulding for frames.
  2. I have a wool felt penny rug kit I’m dying to start.  I think that will be a Thanksgiving project, if not sooner.
  3. And, I have been collecting just a bit of fabric and quilt kits for a while. Knowing that someday I would actually sit down at the sewing machine and put some of these things together!
  4. I have a 20 X 35 foot garden space that I use for veggies each year.  And, I’m taking a class on how to build a solar greenhouse… so maybe I’ll build one of those this year.
  5. Did I tell you I have tools?  I would love to take a woodworking class to learn how to make my own kitchen cabinets.  I mean a real class.  I’ve learned all I can from Norm at the Yankee Workshop.
  6. Oh, and I have an SLR camera and I took a really fun black and white film photography class.  I’m saving for a D-SLR.  But, for now my Canon point and shoot is doing a good job for what I need.

Bottom line… not enough money or time, but plenty of projects and “want to do’s”!


3 Responses to “Project List”

  1. dsb Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the pics you took of Karan and the Stone family. They all came out great. I downloaded them of the net.

    Love, Dad

  2. dsb Says:

    “Off” the net, that is . . .

  3. Peggy Says:

    Several of your WIP’s or wanna starts are the same as mine. My mother did Mouline Rouge and I chose her colors which turned out amazing. We chose a Zweigart fabric…I think similar to Putty. Then she did it in Gloriana’s Slate Green. I MUST get a photo posted. Look forward to seeing yours.

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