I wanted to post a couple of pics that I took recently. I rented a Nikon D80 so that I could take some photos for Jason and Emily’s wedding. I hope they don’t mind my posting their faces all over the internet! But, I think a few turned out nice. Here they are:

I think I’m going to title this black and white pic “You Amuse Me”. I took about 1400 pictures. My niece also had a little camera on the side and took many more at the temple. Even though they weren’t looking at her camera, she was able to get some fun shots. It was a fun day! I hope they like what they see when they get the pictures back.

Of course, doing this has made the thought of a new digital SLR come back into the forefront of my mind. I’m trying not to be impulsive! I’ve got only a few more classes to go until my bachelor’s degree is FINALLY finished. And, I think I know what my graduation present to myself will be. A new Canon Rebel XSi and a lens or two. I’d like a good macro lens, and a general use wide angle. I have two lenses already that I have used with my old Canon Elan II. Which I love. And, then, it’s off to a photography class!

I have too many interests and not enough time. Anyone else have that problem?