Well, I just won’t try to excuse myself… it’s been so long since I posted!  But, I have been stitching.  I’ve completed My Quaker House from Blackbird Designs.  I’ve also started Jenny Bean’s Christmas Sampler.  And, I’ve also completed the stitching on Lizzie Kate’s Boo Club!  But I’ll be adding buttons to that one in place of the stitched candy.  I haven’t been able to take pics because my camera went missing for a little while, and then the lighting has been terrible when I’ve been home for the past several weeks!  One of the reasons is that I’ve been spending more time at the gym before I come home at night.  I will try to take pics this weekend and get them posted.

I’ve really enjoyed the fall weather lately.  I took up golf this year, and have so enjoyed it, that it cut into my gardening time this summer for sure.  A friend and I golfed at Hobble Creek for the first time a few weeks ago.  It was so gorgeous with the fall colors, and it’s just a wonderful course.  Being outside, enjoying nature, and having a fun challenge is really why I golf.  Never mind my score!

Hobble Creek 1st Tee

Hobble Creek

This is a pic I found, because the mobile pics we took aren’t uploading to WordPress (wrong format!)  But, the colors were just as beautiful, and the sky just as blue the day we were there.  It’s really a beautiful course and I’ll be returning there at least once a year!  It’s not far from my home at all.

That’s it for now folks.  Sorry no stitchy pics.