I don’t have any progress pics, but this is a picture of what my mom and I completed today. Of course, she did most of the work. But, I embroidered the faces. These dolls were made in honor of Sophia and Lillian, who were born in our neighborhood this year, to two different families. Lillian has returned to Heavenly Father, but Sophia fights on. They were both born with serious heart problems, which accompanied Down’s Syndrome. “Lillian” is on the left, with brown hair and eyes, and “Sophia” is on the right with black hair and brown eyes.
The dolls will sit on two white chairs under a Christmas Tree at this year’s Festival of Trees to benefit Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City. The theme of the tree is “Angels from Heaven”. I may have more pics of the tree after next weekend, when I go up to the festival to see it. I can’t go up tomorrow to decorate and set everything up, but it’s been fun to be involved.