I stitch in Utah and every day is an adventure with Chloe the mini-schnauzer. When I’m not stitching, I’m trying to learn new things, while I work more than full-time. Stitching is my alternative to psycho-babble. I do dabble in techno-babble though.

Some of my favorite things to do are:

– Stitching and other handwork / needlework
– Golfing and racquetball
– Reading classics and historical biography
– Gardening and yardwork.
– Home improvement projects. I’ve enclosed my garage and renovated a bathroom “with a little help from my friends”. I have more tools than the average bear and my neighbors know where to come to borrow things.
– Woodworking. This, unfortunately, is the last thing I really do.  So, my dream of making something bigger than a picture frame (unless you count junior high woodshop projects) has yet to be realized.

I do this all while I’m listening to my favorite tunes…

Some things I like, love, or admire are:

I’m one of those saps that cries when the flag goes by…or when I think of the flag going by. I love a good parade, honorable men and women in uniform, early American history, and a John Phillips Sousa march.

Whether created by hand, or using a machine, it’s amazing to me what can come from the mind of a human being. Uplifting creativity, that is. I don’t buy the notion that ALL art is good. It’s not worth creating if it doesn’t take you to a better place by looking at it, whether it’s just being proud that you accomplished something good, or that you’re amazed at the beauty of the thing. Oh, and I think the process of creativity is sometimes more important than finishing… a testament to this is the number of projects I have in my Work in Progress pile!

I don’t know how people can get through life’s challenges, or fully appreciate its joys, unless they believe in something higher than themselves. Believing that you are the most important thing on earth, and that there wasn’t any thought in your creation, is just downright depressing to me. I’d hate to think what this world would really be like if all we had to rely on was human thought. It’s bad enough that most people choose to rely on only themselves or another human’s idea. There is a God, who is our Father, who sent his Son for us, and they speak to prophets today. They even answer my little ole’ prayers. (And for those of you who were wondering, it’s not “little voices in my head”, because those voices are just not that smart or knowledgable about what I need to hear!)

Family and Friends I think my family pretty much rocks. I’m trying to keep up with my nieces and nephews who amaze me all the time. I’m surrounded with good people who just don’t happen to technically be a part of my family. I love them all, especially when they have every reason not to like me so much. Oh, and I consider pets to be part of the family, so don’t go treating your dog like a “thing” in front of me.

Lots of it. Just not the head banging, total punk, acid rock stuff.  Oh, and I hate rap and opera.  I think the two sound ironically alike in many ways.  If I could have dreamed for anything when I was a kid it would have been a way that I could shrink down my vinyl records and 45s so that I could carry them and play them anytime I want.  Thanks Steve Jobs.  I love my iPod.  I’m grumpy without music.

I enjoy being outdoors. I like to sit in nature, or move slowly, more than I like to hike fast or speed along on my own power. That’s when you know Who created all of it. Anyone want to go camping with me?

People who have common sense
One of my personal slogans is: “You! Out of the gene pool.” My days are better when I don’t have any need to use that slogan.

Soft, muted, earthy colors
This isn’t really a typical “like” category, but I thought I’d throw it in. My favorite color is blue, but I like pale yellows, brown and neutral tones, greens, crimsons and anything that looks like nature. Think calm. I believe people should add the vibrant color in our lives, not a paint chip.

Up Close and Personal

Chloe May, the Wonder Schnauzer

Oh, and I love this little dog.


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Valie Says:

    Dear Laura,
    I am glad I discovered your blog. I should be working really, instead of exploring stitchers’ blogs. I am a French stitcher, developing a network of fellow stitchers outside France : we have the stitching in common, but it’s all the rest which is different and matters ! I have a little she-dog too, a Heinz57, called Cookie, she shares a pointed nose with your Chloe. I have fallen in love with the Lo How A Rose design and was wondering whether you would kindly trade the chart (or a scan?) once you have finished your project. I could buy the BH&G book on Amazon at a horrendous price, without even knowing what is in the book, apart from the Brightneedle chart. I would rather find an arrangement with somebody ready to share the chart : I have had a look at your wish list, I could send you one of these.
    If my request goes against your principles, forget it. And my English is not perfect, so please bear with me if I sound too abrupt or weird.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Valérie (VALIE)

  2. gracie Says:

    Sometimes,ok,many times, I find myself visitng and I have no idea how I got there…does that happen to you? Anyway, here I am and happy that I am. Guess I just want to say hello…..

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