I’ve been working hard on my office/stash room in order to better organize, and find a permanent place for things like a cutting table, or a sewing machine, etc. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from great internet posts like this: http://www.home-designing.com/2009/05/craft-room-home-studio-setup and this: http://www.sarahyoude.com/2009/06/the-craft-room.html (scroll down on the blog page).

And, I have an IKEA somewhat nearby. So, as part of my Christmas gift to myself, I have purchased a couple gallons of paint, two cabinets, and some IKEA gear to get the crafting side of my “studio” (as Spinster Stitcher would call it) up and running. Really, I’ve had the cabinets for almost a year now, awaiting some stashing organization. I’ll be starting small, but am excited. My goal is to have the room up and running before January 1. Here are some of the items I purchased on Saturday:





I’ll post more later, and promise some pics of the work in progress. It’s a beast of a room, with large bookcases (filled) and an office space already set up. But, I’m culling through the junk and will hopefully have a much more organized, cheery place to work on the things I love most in 2011!

Ta, ta!