Hello everyone!  I just had to pop in and say I’m so amazed at the speed with which Kathy from Carriage House Samplings got some charts into the mail for me.  I ordered them on the 15th or so from her Etsy store, and knowing it was just before market I wasn’t expecting them for a bit.  WAH-LAH, they arrived today.  A week.  And there was market in there.  Way to go Kathy!  I ordered “Sampler Folk”, “An American Landscape”, and “Plain and Fancy”.

Now, to contrast, I ordered some back issues of Just Cross Stitch and SANQ directly from Hoffman Media last October. 🙂  Got a confirmation of my order, but my card was never charged, and the magazines never came.  I tried again last week, with just one magazine.  I got the usual confirmation.  Luckily, this time I received a notice that it had been shipped.  So, I took a chance and ordered the rest of the magazines I was hoping to get last Fall.  I got the confirmation again, and received the charge confirmation this morning.  So, hopefully, they are winging their way toward me now.  I’ve just been in the mood to enhance my stash with some oldies but goodies.  But, mainly, these charts from Kathy have been on my wish list for some time.  And, I’ve just been so enticed by everyone’s blog entries about “This is the Day” in the JCS Jan/Feb 2009 issue.  I’ve really wanted to have that one for future stitching.  I also love Katrina‘s conversion!

So, now, my fingers are searching the internet for other treasures.  Older treasures really…charts that I’ve wanted for a while.  I’m still looking for the I’m-never-going-to-find-it Birds of a Feather “Friendship Sampler”.  Anyway, I need more stash like I need a hole in my head.  Really.  What am I thinking?  I have two cabinets I bought to put all my stash in that I have yet to put together.  I think this is a cry for help.  Really.  Okay…not really.  So, are there any market must-haves for you?  I’ve thought of picking up the Little House Needleworks mattress thing.  But then I thought, what in the world will I do with that?  I’d rather have a nice sampler in my stash that will go on my wall or someone else’s someday I guess.  I’m sure I’ll pick up a couple of the Blackbird Designs charts someday, but not right now. 

I WILL pick up the chart for Elizabeth Savilles that Terri has just finished.  I absolutely love this.  Terri, it’s beautiful!  And, by the way, I just totally identify with your ski story!  I’ve done that more than once on dry land, when I’ve hiked up a hill that I just can’t seem to get back down!  But I digress…  I’m waiting to see if Attic Needlework has the chart for ‘Liz it in stock…  And wonder if they have the OWS threads there to be able to do a conversion for me, or if I should just use the OWS.  I love those colors too, so I don’t have to change them really.  It just begs to be done for one of my nieces.

That said, I’m about to enter the season that will really restrict my stitching time, so I’ll be putting most of this away, and continuing to concentrate on just a few pieces.  But, I vow I will spend at least a few hours every Sunday, and hopefully some time in the evening a couple days a week. 

I’m interested though in whether any of you have found any items from market that you just have to have, whether sooner or later!  Thanks for your comments.  I know my little ole’ blog isn’t the most fun or interesting, but it’s fun to know that some of my fellow stitchers are out there and listening!  I just love this art of ours… for the art that it is, and for the way it brings us all together.

I hope you’ve all had a great day!