I’m grateful for so many things that there isn’t space in this big world wide web of ours.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who are celebrating tomorrow.  It’s so fun connecting with other people who have a passion for needlework and creative things and who are some pretty amazing people too.

I’m most grateful for a loving God, my faith in a Savior who helps me along this path of life every day, my great family and friends who are on the path with me, and those who have gone before to make it easier for me now.

I’ll be back soon with more stitchy news.  I’ve been working on a little ornament for a good friend whose birthday is coming up, and on some knitting projects.  Nothing new, but hopefully I’ll have a finish or two by the end of this long weekend!

Enjoy the turkey if you’re in the U.S., and are into that kind of thing tomorrow, and make time for some creativity in your day!