This was a really quick stitch.  The only complaint I have is… well, remember my raving about that R&R Cranberry Bog linen?  I DO love the color.  I’m not ever really enamored with the base linen that they use (too scratchy and stiff for me), but because this was a small piece, I thought, hey, this is a great color, and I just love it. Then, after stitching on this for a few hours one night, I looked down at my dumpy gray T-shirt (dontcha know that I just have to plant myself on Clifford, my big red chair-and-a-half, in my lounge clothes) and what did I see?  A big tinge of red that had rubbed off the linen!  I know these things aren’t color fast, but sheesh.  I wore that same T-shirt every time I stitched on this… yes, it was a ritual.  So, while I have plenty of the linen left to stitch this again, and I absolutely love the finished look, I’m not too happy about the rub off.  There are even spots on the linen, that before I realized what was happening, I rubbed them near-to-white!  Here is the finished product:

I love the GAST Dark Chocolate that was used for the body of the bird.  I used the overdyed threads called for in the chart, and the R&R Cranberry Bog linen, 28 count.

And, I thought I’d share a photo that has been cracking me and my family up for a few days now.  Apparently my dad has been digging through old photos, and we had never seen this one:

Circa 1969

Yep, that’s me and my sister, in all our Garanimals* glory, sitting on a couch that my mother won’t claim, yet, my dad says was our first couch purchased from the Goodwill when we moved into our house in Arleta, California.  Karan (my sister) said it best when she said, “Oh, and look… my pants clash.”  Mine do too, of course.  I wonder if my mom decided I liked plaids at this point in my life?  Because she purchased a white/red plaid pair when I was about ten, which I promptly went out and rode my bike in, purposely not wearing my pant-leg-clip-doohicky, which protected my flared bell-bottom from the bicycle chain…. She never bought me plaid pants again, after she had to cut me out of them.   I do like plaid.  Just not on my behind.  Really.

Well, have a great day!  And find some time to be creative!

*footnote: Okay, Wikipedia says that Garanimals was started in 1972.  I swear this was about 1969 or if we push it… 1970.  Maybe they were trying out the matching outfit thing earlier?  But, you get the drift.  When Garanimals did finally come out, I think my mom must have been in heaven.