I admit it.  This posting daily stuff is hard!  So, just want you to know that I’ll still post, but (surprise!) it won’t be daily.  It will hopefully be more than I usually post, which is one reason why I signed up for this whole Blogtoberfest thing in the first place.  Oh, and to see some great things from people out in the blogosphere, which I have!

I traveled to my not-so-local, local needlework store today.  I went with two things in mind.  First, I wanted to find something fun to do a giveaway on my blog!  I know I promised I would post it yesterday (yes, this is another blogging failure of mine).  But, rest assured, I will post it soon, and will give plenty of time for all three of you that read my blog to comment and thus enter to win the prize!  I did find something that I think will be fun, and I’ve been adding a few small things here and there to round out the offer.

The other task I needed to accomplish was to try to convert the Belle Soie called for in the design “Tis the Season” (found in Blackbird Designs’ book “Joyeux Noel”) to cotton.  I pulled those silks out and put them on the counter at the shop, and my heart about skipped a beat.  They are beautiful.  I almost dropped a wad of plastic on those babies.  But, while I know that some of you just can’t bear to stitch with cotton when a wonderful silk is available and called for (I feel your pain, really!), I just couldn’t justify buying EIGHT skeins of the silks at $6.50 US a pop.  For a holiday design.  That I won’t have hanging all the time.   I do know that for some of you, it’s almost heresy to use the cotton…  but to purchase it would have been heresy for me… (I really AM trying to gain some sense of self-control).

I’m really pleased to say that my friends Carolyn and Cheryl (no blog) helped me find the perfect cotton overdyeds.  When I put them (and the silks) on the Lakeside Linen 32 count Pear, I just wasn’t pleased though.  And, it wasn’t the fault of the thread.  The batch of the pear linen my LNS had was more brown than green, and tended to wash out the colors of all the threads.  So, I went hunting and found some wonderful Lakeside Linens 40 count River Willow.  Ta da!  I was ready to go.  Here then, is a snap of the cottons on the new linen.  The lighting wasn’t great, but I can promise you, the colors are really, really a close match for the Belle Soie:

'Tis the Season floss toss

Here then, is the conversion from Crescent Colours Belle Soie silk, if you want to give it a try:

Attic Tea -> CC Pea Pod
Moss -> WDW Bark
Mudpie -> WDW Palomino
Poison Apple -> CC Wild Berries
Pumpkin Carriage -> GAST Brandy
Scarecrow -> GAST Grecian Gold
Tortoise Shell -> GAST Forest Glade
Vanilla Pudding -> WDW Whitewash

I am using one strand on the 40 count River Willow Linen, and the picture shows it a bit lighter than it really is.  I’ll try to get a better picture in daylight… I did start it tonight, but only have a few stitches in!  I purchased two skeins of Wild Berries, but I don’t think I’ll need the second skein.  We’ll see.  I hope you all have a great day, and find time for creativity!