It has been suggested that there are some themes we could use each day of Blogtoberfest if we lack ideas.  Believe me, I’m not lacking ideas.  But, since the batteries in my camera died, I thought I’d also tell you that my clock that is set to Slovakia time also needs batteries… Seemed appropriate, given the suggested clocktober theme for tomorrow.  I’ll explain a bit.  I have a dear nephew who has been serving as a missionary in Slovakia for the past two years.  Thus, the clock that tells us what time of day it is, where he is.  He will return home on the 15th of this month…I figure the batteries lasted the two years, and he went over (as of 9/19).  I WILL get batteries for my camera tomorrow, so my posts can be a bit more interesting!

If you’ll note, I skipped over rocktober, but I love music, so I may save that for another day, when my next set of batteries dies!

Okay, I give up.  This is my post for today!