I was able to meet with the Swan board on Monday  night, and I think we can get the website up and running in the next few weeks.  While I was there, Lynn surprised me with one of my wish list items, the Prairie Schooler chart “December”.  What a fun and thoughtful surprise!  It’s always fun to see some of the Swans.  I hope to be able to attend more meetings after the semester is over.

I decided that I needed to make the most of my trip up to Salt Lake so I returned to The Wool Cabin before grabbing a bite to eat and heading to the meeting.  While there, I hunted around for something fun to make for my sister’s birthday, that would be quick.  There was a funky hat with ear flaps they had stitched up in Malabrigo worsted.  I’m a knitting newbie, so I hadn’t heard of this yarn yet.  They didn’t have many colors to choose from, but I found that they did have one that was a variegated aqua, purple, pink and the colors in between.  I picked that up, and I finished it last night!  However, I stitched the medium hat, and I think it might be a bit small for my sister’s head!  Oh well, my niece will love it.  I’m still getting used to knitting patterns and figuring out just how large/small I need to make something.

But, I have decided that I must add some more of the Malabrigo to my stash.  I”m on the hunt to find shops that carry it.  There aren’t many.   I can say that I really love The Wool Cabin.  I’ve been there twice now, and this is the first store that has offered to wind my yarn for me.  They have a nice open feel to the store, with lots of samples, and free patterns for simple things like hats.  They have a nice selection of books, but I really like that they carry tons of Cascade 220 in lots of colors.  Their yarn selection is very good and they have what I want to buy.  I’m not having to substitute like I sometimes have to do at Heindelman’s.

After looking again at the fun felted bags at The Wool Cabin, I’ve decided that I must use the left-over Cascade 220 that I’ll have from the niece’s matching hats to try out a felting project.

Because I’ve been knitting, I haven’t stitched on “Lo, How a Rose” this week.  But, I did start a new sampler for my aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary.  It will be late, because I just found out they’re celebrating 50 years.  But it’s the sampler in Fine Lines isses Fall 2001 and Winter 2002 by Lauren Sauer.  I’ve picked out NPS colors that are deeper and richer, and switched the coral to more of a carnation pink range of colors.  And, I’m stitching it on 36 count maple sugar by Lakeside Linens.  I had that in my stash.

Now if I could just knit or stitch while I did homework.  If anyone has that figured out, will you let me know?  I suppose I ought to be responsible and stay on top of things.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so it’s easier.

Sorry no pics.  I still can’t get a good one of “Lo” and didn’t remember to try on the weekend when I’m home during daylight.