I started Brightneedle’s “Lo, How a Rose” sampler last night. I couldn’t pass up the SAL that Staci and Vonna are doing on it. But, I was a teeny bit behind, and I won’t be able to stitch tomorrow night, so I decided I would work on it last night. I took a picture, but it’s blurry, because it’s late, and when I use the flash, the whole thing is washed out. So, I’ll have to wait until the weekend when I’m home and it’s light, and a picture will turn out.

I will say that I am LOVING it already. I can’t believe I waited so long to start it!  I am using the antique white linen and the weeks dye works threads called for in the pattern.  The colors are wonderful together, and it’s a fun one to stitch.

Vonna asked me if my santa was a Tournicot.  I’m not sure I know what that is!  It is a pattern by Lavender Wings called “Naughty or Nice”.  I’m using the threads called for, which are really fun (you have to love WDW thread named “Louisiana Hot Sauce”), and a piece of overdyed jobelan that was packaged with the pattern at The Craft Center.