I hope that everyone had a great Christmas holiday!  I was able to finish my nephew’s hat, which was actually my first complete knitting finish.  He loves it, and so I’m happy.  I owe four nieces similar hats.  I’ve finished one and have three more to go.  They are quick knits, but I will probably not finish them all for a couple of weeks.  I wish they were done, because it’s so stinking cold here in Utah, and I know that they’d be wearing them if they had them!

I have set up the serger and sewing machine and have been able to make a minke blanket for my mom and serging lots of linen.  I found a great deal at the Craft Center. They had some linen odd and end packages for five bucks each.  I bought two, and came away with some pretty nice pieces for ornaments and small projects.

Of course, the hats and the blanket, as well as some other items were to have been finished for Christmas.  Thankfully, my family and friends accept IOU’s, which is what most of them got this year.  School, work, and everything else were just too much, and I determined to follow my motto: “If it’s not done by now, it’s not going to get done in time, so just chill!”  I’ve learned that when I have too much on my to do list, it’s nice to know that everything doesn’t HAVE to be done.  Just the important things.  And that’s what I focused on this year.  I still have neighbor gifts to deliver and I’ve decided that they will be delivered in January.  I’m going to adjust the note on them, and just enjoy the leisurely deliveries… after this cold snap though!

I am back to work tomorrow after almost two weeks off.  I think this was the most relaxing two weeks I’ve had in a long time.  And, while my to do list was hardly touched, I did take care of the things that matter most.  So, I wish all of you a happy stitching year, and hope that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and happy.  I’ll post pictures of some of my stitching and other progress in a few days.