I’ve been a busy beaver for the past several days.  Well, that’s usually the case.  But, I’ve found time to stitch a bit, even if it has been in the middle of the night.  I’ve put in a few more stitches on “She Tends” and on LHN’s “Heart of America”.  I also got the alphabet and most of the flower vase motifs complete on DT’s “The Riddle”.  I also stained and varnished six frames and stretched several pieces that are completed.  Now I just need to stretch the rest and get them into the frames.  I finished stitching Ewe and Eye and Friend’s Christmas Sampler, and wish I still had some Brazilian Cherry wood to make a frame for that.  The two frames I made from that turned out really nice.  The wood is very hard, and so it was harder to work with, but I put a couple of coats of varnish on them, and they are really pretty, I think.  One is for Chessie and Me “In Virtue’s Ways”, and the other is for Hillside Samplings’ “Seasonal Samplings”. These are both pieces I’ve had completed for a while.  I also stained and varnished three oak frames, using a walnut stain.  They are nice, and there’s one more that is larger, which I just varnished for my DT “Teaching Band Sampler”.

I spent a few hours last night exploring Adobe Web Creative Suite 3.  The hosting company that we will most likely use for the Swan Guild uses Linux and therefore allows PHP, CGI, HTML, MySQL, etc., but no dotNET stuff.  That’s fine, I have the tools available to create something that will work on their servers, and I’m excited to work with PHP.

I have new responsibilities in my church, and those will keep me pretty busy.  The summer was really busy as I tried to attend each youth activity while I had a break from my heavy school load.  And, for a while I really felt a change was in order.  I’m just amazed at how long it takes me to catch on sometimes, and to understand that what I want isn’t always what is needed. So, I will be serving again in the Relief Society .  It’s interesting that I’m back so soon, but I know that this is where I should be right now.

Now that fall has come, I’ve tried to get things done as quickly as I can, but there is still much to do.  I did spend the greater portion of the day on Saturday in my yard, from early in the morning until late at night off and on.  I had some great help from some neighborhood guys, who chopped down some old lilacs and helped me pull up my tomatoes.  I really appreciated the help, and was able to mow the lawn one final time before snow came on Saturday night!  It’s been COLD.

So… I’ll post pictures soon, I promise.  I have really made some progress on all fronts, including my Linux class.  I finally had to switch to a different external hard drive.  It’s a “brick” to carry around, but the file system was already set to NTFS, and it works with VMWare Player in the lab where my class is taught.  The other HD worked with every other computer but the lab computer.  Arghhh!  Now to catch up and study for a mid-term that I’ll need to take next week.

And, I’m still thinking about and planning for my “Stitching Blogger Birthday Club” effort, and the “Me, Myself, and I Neighborhood Round Robin 2” community development plans.