I admit, I’ve not participated in many exchanges, but only because I knew I didn’t have the time and couldn’t do what I really wanted to do (I’m a perfectionist that way).  So, when I read about sign ups for the 2009 Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club, I carefully considered what I could do, and then quickly signed up!  I just received my partner’s info, and this is a secret exchange, so I won’t share any specifics here.  But, I will say I’m just excited to participate and I’m already making plans.

I have been stitching a little bit.  And, finishing frames for long completed needlework.  I will take some photos this weekend.  I have stitched a tiny bit more on “The Riddle” by Drawn Thread, which I’m loving.  And, I’ve started “All Our Troubles” by La-D-Da.  I decided to stitch that on 40 count Meadow Rue, with the Weeks Dye Works threads.  I love it so far. 

And, I have been keeping up with school the best I can.  My Advanced Linux Admin class is a real beast.  We’re using virtual server software to install and administer our own instances of Linux.  The version of Linux we’re using is two versions old, and the virtual server keeps crashing my laptop.  I don’t lose data, but the server just won’t start, no matter what I do, and no matter how many times I remove it and re-install.  I am going to concentrate on it this weekend and see if one last ditch effort will work.  If not, I’ve let the instructor know that I’m just a bit fed up.  I’m not the only one in the class who has had troubles, but mine have been the worst.

And, I’ve promised the Swan Sampler Guild to begin building a real website.  One good thing about the Linux class is that there’s a Service Learning requirement.  And, I’ve convinced the instructor to let me count the Swan website, so ladies… it will have to be completed by the end of this semester.  I hope that’s good news for you!  I will be contacting Sandra soon with some details and potential layouts.

Well, that’s it for now.  This is a quick update in the middle of the day, which I normally don’t have time for and shouldn’t even think of, but hey, it’s Thursday.  Don’t ask me how that makes today different.  It just does for now.  I’ll use another excuse on another day.

Happy day everyone!