I really think that the weatherman is a bit confused, befuddled… or whatever you want to call it. Here’s why:

1) I purchased about $300 worth of petunias, perennials, soil, concrete curbing, berry canes, veggie plants, seeds… you get the picture. Everything for the yard and garden. I really am going all out this year.

2) I took last Friday off to extend my Memorial Day weekend holiday so that I could put said items into the ground.

3) I prepared my grubbiest of grubby clothes so that I could dig in the dirt and pull weeds.

4) I told Chloe the wonder dog we would be spending quality time together in the sunshine. She was really excited!

5) It rained last Friday and most of the day yesterday (Memorial Day).

So, I was able to get some things done on Saturday, but then came that Sabbath thing. Really. I think the apostasy really began when the weather was finer on Sunday than the other days of the week. Okay, I love the sabbath day, but sometimes have a wee little wish that I could steal some Sunday rays for things like yardwork. And, I could. But, I know how that goes. I’d really have a worse back injury, the weeds would grow faster, and yes, I would be spiritually un-fed and un-rested.

I also spent a few hours in the rain yesterday digging holes and planting new perennials to add to my corner perennial flower bed. I then collapsed, because you know I am not as slim as I used to be (okay, WHEN in the world was I ever slim?) and I’m a tad older (let’s not talk about that). And, I lifted six yard-long pieces of concrete curbing from the Camry/Truck on Saturday and felt that lovely little disc thing bulge out. I’m thinking between L5 and S1 again, or perhaps I was lucky to do this to another disc and hit the L4/L5 thing. So, a nap was required especially since Chloe collapsed with me. I figured that would be really no problem, because what else besides laundry did I have to do that day because it was really raining outside. The petunias would have to wait yet another day.

Chloe and I woke from our nap and saw the bright sunshine just as it was waning. I’m sure the sun came out as soon as I collapsed.

Today’s weather you ask? While I spent the day at work, inside a building looking at a computer, taking my Tylenol and wishing for something stronger… the sun is shining brightly. Figures.

So, although there are meetings and young women activities tonight, I think I’ll be able to plant some of those pretty petunias by the light of my headlamp once I’m home for the day.

Stupid weatherman.