I have been trying to catch the “Complete Jane Austen” series on Masterpiece this season. It’s been wonderful to watch some of the pieces I haven’t seen before. If you are a Jane Austen fan, and haven’t seen any of Masterpiece on PBS this year, you need to look it up. In honor of my time with Jane, I took a quiz and found that I am most like:

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Of course, I think the draw to Jane Austen’s novels is that we all find a bit of each character in us. But, I think I agree that I am most like the older Miss Dashwood.

I am nearly done with the stitching on the Trilogy’s “Family”, which I’m giving to a friend at work. I’ve found a frame for it and I should be able to have it done this weekend. I am working to list all of my charts and WIPs. I need to shop from my stash! I have so many wonderful things I want to stitch and finish, and just need to make a plan that will help me be more efficient with the stitching time I have. I do have a short list for now, but really want to start a few new things, so I think I’ll create a plan that allows me to add a piece to my group of active projects on a regular basis, as long as I’ve made progress on each of the other projects in the group. I’m not really a “rotation” kind of person. At least as far as scheduling specific days or times. I just stitch on whatever I like at the time, or whatever I need to finish if it’s a gift. I will post more here when I have the specific plan down.