I started LHN’s “Heart of America” last night. Couldn’t resist it. I don’t have much done, but it really should work up quickly, for its size.

I had heard about this video clip, but just saw it for the first time. Funny stuff. It’s about the way I feel now that I have four whole days off ahead of me.

It’s spring break here at the college, and although I don’t get the same days off as faculty, I do get Friday. And, I added Thursday, just to make it worth my while. There’s always work to be done, but I need some recharging and to get some things done at home this weekend.

And, I’ll be taking pictures of my sister and her kids on Saturday. That will take some time, as we’re thinking about going up to Soldier Summit or Soldier Hollow. She would like some pics in the snow, and there’s plenty of it still in the mountains. I think we’ll even see some Friday and Saturday.

Sunday we’ll head up north to a missionary homecoming celebration. I’ll get some pics of my WIPs soon and post them. I know this text thing can get pretty boring!