Deb in CT tagged me. I do appreciate the opportunity to share a bit of info about myself. I’m actually pretty surprised that so many of you are taking the time to read what I have to say! So, here are eight random things about me, that you may not know:

1) I lived in Southern California until I was 14 and although I love the mountains, I still miss the ocean very much.
2) I built my garage by framing in my carport, with lots of help from friends.
3) I have only taken two stitching related classes: one by Cynthia Zitell of the Drawn Thread, and the other just recently with Ellen Chester of With My Needle.
4) I have four nieces and two nephews, and they’re all close enough that I can spoil them.
5) I won the camp mermaid award at summer camp when I was 13. I spent a ton of time in the lake which was very cold!
6) I have been a camp director for over 200 girls, 12-18 years old. Of course, there were a lot of wonderful helpers that I worked with.
7) I enjoy cooking, and I’m pretty good at it, but not cleaning up! I can’t bake very well though.
8) I have more power tools than most of my neighbors… the guys borrow from me all the time. I guess those elective classes I had to take in Junior High had something to do with it. I chose electronics, wood working, and drafting to go along with sewing and cooking class.

I think that most of the people I know that have blogs have already been tagged! So, I’m going to pass on the tagging part of this. I’m not much of a chain letter person either :). I’m really not a grinch… I promise.