New life, sunshine, green grass, running outside… Chloe and I have really enjoyed the change in seasons. I didn’t realize just how much I was looking forward to spring. I’ve had a nasty headcold that has migrated a bit lower and made it awfully hard to breathe, sleep, stay conscious… you name it. Thank goodness for sick time. I think that Someone is trying to tell me to slow down. In my last post, I said I would be a finisher this year. And, I have been. But, I’ve also decided it’s okay to just loll around, or start something new just for fun. I’ve finished a semester (except for one assignment, which I really don’t care about now… it’s a liberating feeling). I’ve finished a big project at work.

I’ve been on a stash binge for a while. I’ve decided that this has been in anticipation of a much slower pace of life. One where I have time to sit down, enjoy a good movie and stitch. One where I’m not worrying about classwork, work-work, or any other type of work. And, actually, I’m looking forward to being able to spend time in my yard. It feels that with one home improvement project after another I have neglected my yard. There are things in and outside of the house to finish up, but they are minor details, I’ll enjoy the time working with my hands and check more things off on my “finished list”.

Of course, through all of this, there will be craziness at work, and in life. I just have to turn on the news to have craziness if I really feel the need. But, somehow I think I’ll avoid the news for the next few months. Chloe sure won’t miss it either. She’s especially happy with long walks, fetching a stick or toy, and just laying on the cool grass in the warm sun. There are things I can learn from my dog. And, I intend to spend the summer learning as much as I possibly can.