There are some wonderful pieces being released at the Nashville needlework market. I have high hopes to own many of them someday. My wish list includes the following so far:

1) The Cat’s Whiskers Design Studio: “The Peacock Stitching Chair”
2) Crescent Colours: Some yummy new silks
3) Guilia Punti Antichi: “Queen Sofia’s Sewing Bag and Chatelaine”
4) It’s Fine-ally Finished: “My Bee Safe”
5) It’s Fine-ally Finished: “Pineapple Fob”
6) It’s Fine-ally Finished: “Ella’s Slipper”
7) Little House Needleworks/Crescent Colours/Kelmscott Designs collaboration piece

These are just what I’ve heard about so far… Sheesh. Some of these have limited availability either on the chart/package, or on some of the supplies to finish them, so I guess I’ll have to jump on those if I want them. I haven’t listed these in any particular order, but I must say, I have to have the peacock chair. I will have it, I will have it, I WILL have it!

And, I am sorely tempted by the pieces that Ellen Chester will be bringing to the Swan Sampler Guild in May. Of course, I’m hoping that braces/gloves and medication will keep the pain in my hands at bay.