I saw a catchphrase on a recent bulletin board post that I like. It said something like “Don’t spend so much time worrying about making a living, that you forget to make a life.” Sometimes I run from pillar to post, and wonder why I started out for the post from the pillar in the first place. Not all the time, but sometimes.

To everything there is a season, it is said. But sometimes it’s hard to know what season you’re in. Literally and figuratively. Right now, we’re all experiencing really crazy weather in the U.S. of A. And, the weather hasn’t been a really good indicator of the “season” we’re in for a while anyway. Weird warm air in December, then frigid temperatures in January. So, I guess we’re supposed to use our internal barometers to decide what’s seasonal for each of us.

I think my barometer’s gone berserk. It feels as though I’m in all seasons at once. So, my overriding goal for 2007 is to be a finisher. I will start less and finish more.

That means homework will get done on time. That means I will not start a needlework project unless I’ve finished at least five. That means my deck will be finished in early spring. And, it means so much more. I think I’m going to really like 2007.

I challenge you to spend your time in 2007 making a life. That can, and should include what you do for a living, but it shouldn’t be the only or overriding thing.