I’ve often wondered about how we can improve the driving skills of those on the road who are not-so-aware of their surroundings. I came to the conclusion long ago that it would be wonderful if we could assign vehicle types to drivers based on their driver’s test scores. For example, those who pass with flying colors should be able to pick any car they want, including sports cars, large SUV’s and vans. Those who don’t do as well, can pick any mid-sized car. Those who are on the lower end of the passing scale should only be eligible for VW Beetles, or other small cars such as the Ford Focus, or the smaller Hyundai’s.

Just for fun, I’ve added some other things to my “bad drivers” wish list. Here they are:

1) With each failure of the driver’s test, you lower your chance of getting a very large vehicle when you DO pass.

2) What if we had to pay more incrementally, each time we renew our license, if we’ve had an accident that was determined to be our fault? Add that to the increases in insurance that already happen, and it may be that some of our worst drivers would take the bus!

3) Oh, and here’s my favorite: if you’re a bad driver, a force field of some kind can be place around your car so that no cell phones or other electronic equipment can be used within the car.

As I was driving home from work yesterday, I noticed that the persons in the two cars ahead of me at a stop light, and the three cars behind me were ALL on a cell phone. Last week, I was rather amused to be able to read the lips of the woman on the opposite side of an intersection, as she very adeptly chewed somebody’s butt off, then threw her cell phone into the back seat of the car. I thought, “Good, at least she’d have to stop the car to pick that thing up again!”

I actually own a cell phone, and I have been known to talk on it while driving. A few months ago, I found that I was in my car a lot and HAD to use the phone to get things done. So, to be safer, I bought a bluetooth headset. I’ve also used a wired headset in the past. So, I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to use a cell phone, play the radio, etc. But, when we as adults (because the driver’s license bureau in each of our states thinks we’re mature enough to allow us to get behind the wheel of a potential killing machine) cannot think straight because the conversation we’re in is too tense, or we’re distracted to the point that we don’t recognize the light has changed from red to green, then we need to take a closer look at ourselves before we cause some damage!