God is a god of miracles. If you want to know what I’m talking about, check out this blog: http://janandersonfamily.blogspot.com.
Jan and Allene are neighbors and friends of mine. In fact, my house is the one where Jan has fixed the sprinklers, helped to roof, and more recently torn down the deck that needed to be replaced, if you read on in the biography that’s posted. Mine is not the only house that he has spent time working and serving at. Our neighborhood is a neighborhood of service, and Jan is one of the most self-sacrificing individuals I’ve met.

I don’t usually post things that are so identifiable with me or my friends and family. However, in this case, I felt I must add my witness that we see miracles every day. Some are small. Some are big. That Jan is still with us is a major miracle. That he continues to make progress every day is a miracle. And, the bond that our neighborhood has felt as we’ve drawn even closer together is a miracle.

I’ve been privileged to see what can happen when we unite our faith. I have seen yet another example of how our trials will strengthen us, if we draw close to the One that can make us strong.