This thing we call the internet is a wonderful thing. And yet, it’s also a place where we sometimes show our worst side. It’s easier to spout venomous attacks at people we hardly know, about things that don’t really matter via the internet. Why? Maybe typing mean words on the computer doesn’t affect us in the same way that shouting them at a real, live person does. After all, a computer doesn’t respond with “body language”. We cannot see the pain or hurt on the screen like we can in the eyes of the person to whom we’ve directed our infantile outburst. And, I suppose that when we feel pain, we might think it’s better to just “let it out” no matter who sees or hears our rant.

I just finished reading a thread on my favorite bulletin board. You would think the board was dedicated to the subject of religion or politics after reading some of the posts in this thread. No, it’s dedicated to needlework. But, the needlework wasn’t the real subject of this thread. What appeared to be an innocent posting asking to get in contact with someone turned into a public roast of this individual (the one they were seeking to find) because of a lack of communication regarding a project exchange. What disappoints me is that even though it’s apparent that those who posted mean comments did not know the all the details of the situation, they chose to air their feelings on a public board. An even bigger disappointment is that it’s clear to me that several people were more concerned about what they received in the exchange than with what they gave. Even when a sincere apology from the person who was being attacked was posted, the attacks kept coming.

What could possibly justify such behavior? I honestly can’t figure it out. This type of behavior is happening more and more every day. I’m in a continual battle against my own cynicism and inner-meanie too, which is why I seriously considered not posting this opinion here on my own blog. It would appear that we all need to regularly check our thoughts and words before we make utter fools of ourselves in both public forums and private relationships.

If you weren’t aware of the thread I’m talking about, this post will make no sense to you. If you were, it still might not make sense. Either way, I’m going to remember to be careful about what I say and do, and ask myself the question, “Is venting my own frustration going to hurt another person? Is my short-lived pleasure worth the hurt I may cause?” I’m not always going to do the right thing I’m sure, because no one of us is perfect, but I’m going to try. And, now that I’ve ranted here, I’m going to try my best to forget the names of those who posted such mean comments.