For those of you who glance at this infrequent blog, Happy New Year. I hope the holidays at your house were happy and healthy.

I, for one, I’m looking forward to another new year. It’s a nice thing that the year just starts over again if you didn’t finish what you needed to in the previous year. Just like the days. Time is a nifty thing. Speaking of time, I was able to take a vacation from school and work for about two weeks over the holidays. I started back to work today. We were able to get some items in my stitching pile framed, and I put more thread on linen. Here is one of the finished pieces…

This is “Cromwell” by The Trilogy. I just thought a snowman might make you all feel more like this is really January, whether you’re in a cold snowy climate or a warm desert one. There are more pics in my picturetrail album at, if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve posted recently. Some are oldies, but just needed to be photographed. My camera is not the best, but you’ll get the gist of things.

Until my next infrequent post, have a nice day, and be good. Santa is STILL watching. Perhaps more than he was just before Christmas. I mean, if I were him, and I’m not saying I am, but IF I were… I’d pay more attention to how people acted after I dumped all those presents, all that good will, and all of that food on them over the holidays. I’d watch whether people still gave to their local food bank in January, February and beyond like they did in November and December. I’d see if they said “thanks”, and then acted thankful the rest of the year. That’s what I would do if I were Santa. Where do you think his “naughty and nice” list comes from? He’s got magic all right, but he doesn’t use it to make split-second decisions at the mall the day after Thanksgiving.