I guess since this blog stuff is new to me, I have a lot to say.

I’ve been thinking about my love of reading. I have loved to read ever since, well, ever since I could read. My second-grade teacher, Ms. Fite (yes, that was her name), wrote that I should “not spend my time reading novels in class.” I guess she didn’t like me reading when she was talking. That was when I first read the Little House series.

Even when life gets really busy, I find some time to read for a few minutes here and there. But, what I absolutely love is being so engrossed in a book that I cannot put it down to eat or sleep. Recently, I awaited the arrival of the latest HP installment (that’s Harry Potter for all of you people who have been off-planet for the past several years). It arrived near the end of a very busy Saturday, about 5 pm. I must say I had some real self-control this time around. I didn’t finish it until 12:30 am on Monday morning. At first, I read it in small bites, like you would when you’re trying to make a great piece of cheesecake last longer by eating just around the edges. After a while, you figure, “Oh well, it’s gonna get eaten sometime”. What you’re really saying is “I’m beat. You win. I’ve gotta devour the rest.” You can say “I don’t need the rest of that cheesecake (or insert your own personal weakness here)” all you want. But, you really do need it. It’s that way for me with books. Well, AND cheesecake. I’m particular about my books and my dessert. I don’t just read anything that comes along on the best seller list. I’m selective. (And, I prefer the real cheesecake, not the stuff from a box, but baked, New York style.)

For instance, I love to read books by John Steinbeck. But, they’re not my absolute favorite books. I don’t usually read them more than once. Why, you ask? Because he is so good at painting a picture with words, that all of the suffering and inhumanity he describes is more than I can take. I admit it, it’s more than my little sheltered soul can handle. But, once I’m into the book, really into it, I can’t put it down. If you haven’t read Steinbeck, you should at least read the first chapter of “East of Eden” or “The Grapes of Wrath” or “Of Mice and Men”. Then you can put it down. If you really can.